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    Information age vs industrial age markting

    prostarprofit Wayfarer

      When you look at most advertising most advertising business only tell the facts about what you do . Lets say you have a web site or you advertise in the Yellow Pages. Guess what happens they see your site and ad and then they leave if they are at all interested they might call you for your prices. For most businesses that is it.

      If you have been in sales for anytime you will know that only 1% of sales are done on the first contact. Lets say they do call you. Chances are they are only looking for a price.

      On the other hand 80% of sales are done on the 5-8th contact.

      We are in the information age the way we sell products in toady’s world is by providing information. Look at what I am doing right now by writing the post I provided value which motivates a person to learn more information.

      By using information age marketing I have a system that follows up with my prospect that provides information to them
      the 5-8 times that I need and I make the sale.

      See video