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    looking for a lead company!

    mlcleaning Newbie
      looking for a janitorial lead company.

      need it for my cleaning business

      in miami.




      Lisa L
        • Re: looking for a lead company!
          YesYouCan Scout
          Lisa, before you go spending money on buying leads, why not try some free sources? My own experience with paid leads has been very poor (way less than 1%).

          I suggest Craigs List to start. Go to Craigs List, set up an account (free) make up a short advertisement and place it under business services - Miami Area. It will run for 30 days (free). Use their coded response mail, not your own email or you will get some responses that are only people trying to sell you their services.

          Also use the social networks - twitter, Facebook and MySpace (especially the last two as you can build an ad into your page)

          And, before I spent money on paid leads, my next source would be advertisements in the penny saver type papers in the Miami area.

          Due to my own poor experience I won't recommend any paid leads firm, but just go on the internet and google business leads, or just leads & you will get a bunch of people willing to sell you some.

          Good luck.