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    Importance of Planning in Business

    ClarkCooper Newbie

      In my childhood, I was told that Son ! be carefull, if you want to run first wear your shoes, set your direction and make sure what can you carry with you. This was the first lesson I learnt about how to prepare my self for any RACE. In this competitive environment our business is just like a RACE where each folk is trying to outrun other want to reach the destination first.
      Similarly, If you want to beat your competitor, you must think a head to them. Following are the points that will help you when you plan your new business.

      Search out your Innerself - Is there anyone who can tell you more about yourself than YOU? Obivously not! You know your potential and strenghts. Write down your strenghts and weaknesses.

      Realized Your Potential - You know whether you can or have potential to do the specific thing(s). If your answere is YES, you probably know your potential.

      Be Confident - Now its time to realize that you are the best person to do the selected task.

      Plan Your Activities - You must be very specific what you are going to do. Write in diary or anywhere that is prominent to you what will be the first step, second step and so on......

      Observe Your Environment - After taking decision, find out how people doing the same task. You need to search out more efficient method to do the same.

      Reaction - You do not care about the people at your surrounding, what they thing about you it is not your business. Be focused and determined.

      Wish You All The Success !