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    where to shop for spa equipment?

    IR_JAY Wayfarer

      I need some help looking for the best places to buy spa equipment and furniture? I also need list of companies that will lease furniture.I am in CT and is also looking for a designer to design my space.


      Please get back to me as soon as you can?
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          Roberts Newbie
          Hello Jay, have you considered leasing as an option? In some cases you only have the make the first and last months lease payment initially, then a single monthly payment from that point forward.
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            phanio Pioneer
            I am not sure where you can go in CT - but, you can also look on Ebay - might even save you money.

            Regarding leasing equipment and furniture - that really depends on the company - some will lease and some will not. Another option is to find a leasing finance company - there are many non-bank equipment financiers (furniture and office equipment is also business equipment and included) that could package all your needs together - thus, work with one company and not several.

            These companies will purchase the equipment / furniture then lease it to you or your company. We list several resources on our website.

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