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    Business Loan

    IR_JAY Wayfarer
      Hi All,

      I hope some one can help me....I would like to open a Day spa, the problem is I dont know where to go to lease the equipment or where would give me a loan. The banks are tough and the SBA process is painfull. Any ideas would be helpful, This will be a new business. I currently work and make good money but I dont have enough start up capital.

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          phanio Pioneer
          You might think about an equipment finance company. most equipment finance compaines are non-bank organizations that have programs for new, start-up businesses. What they can do is either provide you the funding to purchase the equipment (includes standard business equipment like spa equipment as well as office equipment, furniture, etc) or they can purchase the equipment and lease it to you or your company.

          We list several resources on our web site as well as provide informaiton about these sources and how you can benefit.

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