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    self business

    tcast67 Wayfarer
      what is a good self business to start up when you do not have much money to work with?
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          Marcus42 Newbie
          This might be of interest to you.
          See if you can become a personal assistant to busy people and the elderly in your community.
          You could possibly print some fliers and distribute them advertising your service.
          These days lot's of people have no time to run errands or may need special assistance of some sort.
          Asses what it is they may need. Try to figure out how long it will take you and put a price on it.
          Hope it helps
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            phanio Pioneer
            Why not research home based businesses or internet businesses? Do a web search - let google or bing help you here. Also, look for something that you are either passionate about or can get passionate about - this way you bring the desire to succeed to the table. - Make sure you check out the grant section on our site.

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