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    DrBond Wayfarer
      Hi, I need a loan to hired an Industrial Sales person right on the south border for selling glue to the Maquilas.
      I already have a Incorporated Business in the US ( new ), office, phone, email, stock, brand, and so. I been in the industrial sales in Mexico since 1994 an my business is in Mexico.
      So i am tacking my business to the next step and try out the US market. The Profits are very good ( above 80% ) but, its a difficult to sell product.
      Any bank ideas?
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          phanio Pioneer
          Do you current work with a bank in the US? - If so ask them. There are many resources for your business to include unsecured business loans, assets based loans, personnel loans, inventory loans, etc. We list many resources and information about them on our web site.

          You might also think about finding an independant to help you sell in that area or a sales rep who already has contacts in that area. Thus, you avoid the expenses of additional employees and still get what you need.

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              DrBond Wayfarer
              Thank for your comments, yes, i have a bank but i haven't ask them yet, i will do that in my next trip to the US.
              I hope i can find a good person can help me and wants to do some money.
              Good Weekend.