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    Hong Kong to Beijing

    wordperfect Scout

      Not sure if this is the right place but anyway................................


      I have had 3 people from US this month ask about getting from HK to Pek.... best way.


      Although they have not all said so one at least is visiting the Sourcing Fair down in HK and wants a cost effective way to come up to another show in Beijing. She has worked out that to fly from China HK to China Mainland is an international flight and is rather pricey.


      So, two options.


      1/ Take the overnight sleeper train from HK station direct to Beijing, you need to book your bed ahead of time, do it direct, do NOT use any of the website touts, they will rip you for 4 or so times the real ticket price. Also, don't get sucked into what they call a "soft sleeper" is is just as comfortable or not as a Hard Sleeper" the name is unfortunate. Main difference, plastic flowers and the bunks are configured 2 * 2 rather than 3 * 3 in the "Hard Bed." The cost difference is not worth it. Despite the name, it is a very comfortable trip, meals are served,albeit expensive so take your own food as locals do you exit and enter immigration at the HK departure point so basically get of the train in BJ and stroll on in. However it is a 25 hour ride, leaves around 3pm gets in 4pm next day, nice scenery and interesting.....once! Cost is about 560 HK dollars, but check the official web site, as I said, the others will quote you the same figure but in US dollars which is about 5 times higher. Actually, that is true for most of the Chinese based Tourist sites.


      Option 2, take the KCR local HK train to the Chinese border at Lowu and basically walk into China at Shenzhen, via imigration and customs of course. Avoid the rush times, REALLY early morn or late at night is usually quick, other times there is a bottle neck at immigration, esp weekends, local Chinese like to go to HK to shop for the day. Once in Shenzhen hail a cab and take a ride of about 30 to 40 minutes to the airport and fly direct to Beijing. It is about 5 or 6 hours from memory, hardly any shorter than from HK direct, but as a domestic flight is can be up to 50% cheaper.


      Good luck!