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    Do you have a Web Designer horror story?

    intechspecial Ranger
      Let's hear about it.

      What happened and what did you learn?

      Reccomendations for other businesses in search of a competent Web Design company?
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Do I have a Web Designer horror story?? Sorry No
          BUT there will some interesting answers.
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              jurgen1941 Newbie

              Where has MY photo website gone???

              As a feelance photographer & writer (published nationally & internatially) I had a photographer friend who had a friend developing a photography web site for me (very inexpensively). I bought and prepaid the doname name for three years but have no website because of lack of site development data.


              Not knowing about websites I didn't realize that I should have asked for and received the site development data. As a result about 8 month later the website was highjacked. A friend in Germany restored it without having the all the needed data. Now this has happened againg and no way to restore it again. Can't do any business - selling my articles and digital images - without a web site which had over 1,000 great images on it. Not having the funds for a professional photo web site I am up a creek.


              I have rewritten the pages for my website and have plenty of images to put into my ten photo categories. All I need NOW is somebody who can develop a new site fior me inexpensively. Maybe we can work a barter deal?

              Jurgen Ankenbrand

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              intechspecial Ranger
              No horror stories?

              I guess no news is good news!
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                TGA000 Wayfarer
                Wow! Thank you for asking, I've been wanting to get this off my chest for MONTHS!

                I worked with this complete Twit on a database site idea a while back and he was one of the best salesmen I've ever seen. I'm a hard sell, but this guy had me at "hello".

                So we get into the planning phase, I meet with him and the lead programmer and I can tell it's all going South when the programmer stats shaking his head and saying "no, no, there's no way we can do that in 2 weeks"

                I knew it was too good to be true. So, me being the insane person I am, I decided to let it slide. I give them a full 60 days to get the preliminary work done and cut the down payment.

                Fast forward about 4 months. These boobs had no idea what I wanted! They talked a great game, but at the end of the day it was like everything was on fire... there were 800lb gorillas falling through the ceiling with soggy diapers... real Biblical wrath of God type stuff.

                Then to make matters worse, they had this 100% money back thing. I had to chase him almost until last week to get paid!

                Moral of the story: never hire a firm that specializes in graphic design to do databases.
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                  CEO Space Scout
                  I don't have any stories personally but I've heard many.

                  Like the site not being done as agreed and the person holding final payment as it wasn't done and then the web designer took the site down and held it all hostage.
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                    RZ4Health Newbie
                    Oh yes! I was paying for a website and six months later or more they inform me that the package I was sold will not work with what I'm trying to do. After they had fired a web designer and did not tell me who's the new designer, Supervisor promise to take care of it each time I'd called, receptionist would say he can not be reached or its someone different and they have no clue why you are upset. You get the picture I was getting the run around. And I had to fight for a refund and start all over again after months of work gone, and wasted money!

                    Also I am still learning just how to work the computer and software and computer website language I'm taking a free class online:
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                      Joseph V Newbie


                      Thought I might add my 2 cents... We are a Webhost and Networking Company and we see this alot. Even though we do web design and programming we always go into detail with what the customer wants. This is not always that easy.... and sometimes it is. There are some basic questions from a consumer point of view that need to be answered and tranlated into layman terms. Like-

                      Do you want to sell product online? If so, this is called an ecommerce site that has a shopping cart and it is not something that is going to be over night for a quality job (how many things/products/items really are)

                      Where do you see your website/business in a year?Two years? Do you see it housing memberships,portals,10.000 more products and customers?

                      What is your idea of expansion?

                      Is there a specific funtionality of your site that is critical to your business?

                      Do you need just a page or two for an online presence?

                      Many people/business owners are becoming more savvy in this area however the learning curve is scary and can be costly so here are a few tips:

                      When thinking of web sites and online business you can relate it to these terms.

                      Web space is in megabytes,Gigabytes = Your real estate for a Brick and morter house. The land that you would build your house on.

                      Transfer,Bandwidth = Water,Electric Phone Bill. This is what you would consider your utilities for the website. It it also measured in Megabytes and Gigabytes. Very similar to that overpriced cell phone metering we all have.

                      SO.... why bother me with the hosting side of this? Well as the Domain Expert mentioned it is the foundation upon what your House/Website is built. It dictates how much house you can afford (to a point).

                      You could easily go out and pay for a 50.000 website/house and not know what or where you can put it.
                      You may even love the ideas and get caught up in the magic of the new house/website and forget that the neighborhood taxes are beyond your means. Hence getting your new site shut off or that house into foreclosure.


                      There is a huge difference between a programmer and a web designer. Funtionality and Database programming is the Programmers job. Design (making it pretty) and some programming is the Designers job.

                      I have seen people go over the top and then realize that there is a substantial amount of marketing involved online that eats away at there budget and at most does not bring them the traffic they need to be successful.

                      This usually was a combination of the over-expectations of the customer and the crappy unscrupulous sales person or owner that sold them what they don't need.

                      Have you seen this in other industries? Yes of course. Granted it is not easy to find someone to do this job so ask around go to people that are proven by checking with other businesses that have spent the money and time to get the "right one"

                      The goal that keeps both parties very happy is to do what any really good real estate person would advise on.

                      1. Buy the house you can afford (you can always upgrade with the right site)
                      2. Use a well known builder
                      3. Buy the house that can be expanded
                      4. Buy the house that you intended it for. ( raising kids, retirement and so on...)
                      5. Find the right neighborhood.

                      For the sake of too lon g a post I will close thank you for listening.
                      Joseph Voldeck

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                        DCDirect Wayfarer
                        Designing a Web-Site is comparable to designing a Home.

                        Building a the home as you designed it, takes another step into the real world.

                        Finding the right guys to do this requires expertise and knowledge of IT Infra-structures, including the limitations of what can be done and how fast.

                        My advise, find professionals which can do all this in one package.

                        Good Luck.
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                          LUCKIEST Guide
                          Last Monday August 11, The Wall Street Journal had a article

                          "How to Create A Successful Web Site For Nothing"

                          It might help you, LUCKIEST
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                            RetailGal Newbie
                            I hired this website designer to do my ecommerce website. Well, he took half down from my credit card and started with a front page that looked like a high school student had designed it. Then he didn't even get the shopping cart working and nothing else done and took the rest of the remaining balance from my credit card without even finishing the website. So I had to sue him in Oregon and I'm in California. So now I have a lien against his house, because when I filed small claims on him, he knew I had a contract that he never finished. Right now, I'm in the process of collecting, which is a real pain. Be careful of who you hire. I've talked to many people and this story is really popular.

                            Retail Gal