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      I have started a clothing company but im looking to trademark logos and a name can anyone help with what im looking to do... i have never trademarked anything so im not sure how much moiney i should be putting into it because i have seen it range from $300-$1600 just not sure about what i shoyuld be going with... and what do you guys think about going ahead and starting my company prior to trademarking if your not worried about anyone stealing your name or logos and you have all your tax things together would it be alright to go ahead with startiong your company without your trademarks...? thanks guys!
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          Here is the fee schedule from the US Patent and Trademark Office for trademarks:



          Plus, here is the page for requesting a trademark online:



          I recommend you file for your trademarks before opening for business. If the Patent & Trademark Office denies your trademark requests or if some "steals" your ideas, how will this affect your business? If the trademarks are an integral part of your brand, I believe you are better off protecting them prior to your first sale.


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            The U.S. Patenet and Trademark office allows you to file online.


            Do your homework online first and make sure you can actually trademark the name.

            Most of the online services are really on resubmitting your information to them and charging yo a fee to do so. They all state they do not offer legal advice.

            You can start before you trademark - you actually have to since you are required to show the first date the marke was used in tade and provide an example (website, add, etc.)

            The trademarl process will take 12+ months for a simple application to process with no exceptions. If you have never been through the process, you might want to find a local attorney who can help. Making a mistkae on the application gets it booted out of the system and refilling or answering a denial takes linger than doing it right the first time.

            Bets of luck.
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                Trademark law is based on "first use in commerce".

                Haviing a trademark allows you to advertise the the "registered symbol" which allows you to collect damages for infringement since you have pubically made it know you own the trademark.

                If you do not advertise with the registered symbol, you are likely to get a cease and desist judgement only.