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    Does anyone know a very affordable answering service?

    results2010 Newbie
      Hello, I am new here but in reading the types of posts I think the members can assist us. We are a small start-up with a very small budget. Understanding the
      importance of catching incoming calls live, we are looking for a
      answering service that we can afford and who can grow
      with us.

      I know using some form of automated service is possible but we feel that most people will provide more information when speaking directly
      with a live person who once the information such as the callers name, number in case of disconnect and the reason for the call then patching
      the caller to the correct person is the way to go.

      Anyone who knows of a good and very affordable service please send us in the right direction. We want to start with about 200 minutes a month
      and build from there. We would like to take calls from 6 AM to Midnight ET.

      Again our budget is very low for now. Thank you for any suggestions or help.
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          rybad95 Newbie
          Depending on how you are going to run your business, you may want to look into

          This service can route calls directly to your phone, cell phone, office or other number simultaneously. I believe they also offer an answering service as well. For my business, we use the Automated Attendant system, which plays a company greeting (which you can customize) and tells the caller to press 10 for someone, 20 for someone else etc. If they enter in a direct extension, it will forward the call to the person's cell phone (or whatever number the want). If they enter in extension 70 (this is our tech support extension), it will ring to all of us at the same time.

          It even has caller ID.

          Right now we have the basic package, which includes up to 5 extensions. It's all WEB accessible, and you can make configuration changes at will. The basic package if you pay for the whole year up front, is $9.95 per month ($14.95 for month-by-month) but it's limited to something like 500 minutes (you can setup auto billing if you go over, so you don't miss any calls). They also have bigger packages up to unlimited minutes. The prices seem very fair. You can also accept faxes on the number and get a vanity 800 number too.

          It's worth checking out.. we love it!