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    Do you need a Website?

    intechspecial Ranger
      A web presence establishes your business online, and validates your companies professionalism.
      Persons online searching for your product or service can find you easier with a strong web presence.
      Lack of a Web Presence validates your company as being not capable.
      Your Business can have a Professional Web Presence on the Internet Tomorrow. For free.
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          intech, You are so right.
          Lack of a Web Presence validates your company as being not capable.
          Something FREE, I will be in touch tomorrow.
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            CorpCons08 Ranger
            If it is "free" their website certainly doesn't validate that.
            They charge for web design, charge for web templates, and charge for consulting.
            What is free? A telephone call maybe to place the order?

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              hwallot Newbie
              I'm in the Wedding services business, we offer photography, video, and dj services in ventura county, check out my current website and let me know what you offer free that can be improvised with what I currently have.

              Photography, Video, and
              DJ services for almost
              any event in Ventura
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                hwallot Newbie
                Can you tell me more about this, I couldn't find the "free" website link(s). Wedding Services samples?
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                  explore Newbie

                  All websites are not created equal. I cannot emphasis that enough. Any web hosting service can through up a website for you in a short amount of time, but if you have no visitors you are out of business before you get started. It is imperative that you build your site with a hosting service that has the following:


                  _Point-and-click site building software (no html, ftp or programming skills


                  required. One that is compatible with Frontpage, DreamWeaver, GoLive,


                  CSS, Flash and just about anything else you want to throw at it if you are more


                  technically inclined. You can use templates or you can completely customize


                  your site,)


                  _ Domain name registration


                  _ Unlimited hosting


                  _ Unlimited email accounts


                  _ Graphics tools


                  _ Free blogging platform (with RSS and XML)


                  _ Keyword brainstorming and research tools


                  _ Built in autoresponder (this is crucial)


                  _ Autoresponder stats tools (open rates, click through rates, etc)


                  _ Traffic stats and analysis tools


                  _ Search engine optimization


                  _ Pay-per-click research and mass bidding tools


                  _ Traffic "headquarters" area where you can keep an eye on how you're doing in


                  all the major methods of getting visitors to your site


                  _ Ecommerce, credit card processing and shopping cart capabilities


                  _ Form builder (allows you to put together things like surveys, polls and contact




                  _ Repeated search engine submission and auto-pinging (what this means is that


                  your pages continue to be submitted to the search engines until they are


                  indexed, it tracks when the search engine have "spidered" your page and what


                  their rank is and anytime you make a change to anything or add a new page it


                  automatically submits (pings) it to the search engines.)


                  _ Monetization Techniques


                  _ Competition research tools


                  _ And more...


                  I personally recommend a company called SBI or Site Build It. The cost is very reasonable. Check out their video tour by clicking the link below.


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                    INHAWAII Wayfarer
                    Thank you for all of the information. How did you figure this all out?
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                        explore Newbie
                        This is a company that I am using.

                        The link on the previous post got messed up in the translation - not sure how that happened.

                        Here is the link to the video tour...

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                            INHAWAII Wayfarer
                            Thank you for "that" video. The other Site Build it videos I watched scared me. Your video was perfect and I guess that is where I am going next. I registered my domain name with Godaddy, I know this is probably a dumb question but does it matter where I registered my domain? Is it easy to take it to Site Build it? I haven't made it to that baby step yet.

                            Anyway thanks explore.
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                                explore Newbie
                                You can transfer a registered domain name but I believe they said it could take as long as 60 days to do so. That may be worse case scenario though. I don't think SBI has control over how long it takes. Unless you have the perfect domain name with GoDaddy you may want to consider a new domain name so that you don't have to wait. You can always make the domain name that you have now point to the new domain that you choose with SBI. Just something to consider if you need to get going soon and cannot wait 60 days.

                                I wish you the best...
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