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    Need feedback on marketing idea/video

    wdywft77 Wayfarer
      Hello, hello,
      A while back I had someone on create a video for me (so I could submit a video sitemap to google and get a picture thumbnail show up next to my search results - works great btw) - now I created my own ($30), but I am afraid it's not that good yet and needs some revision.

      A super great guy from SCORE advised me to do a better job of explaining 'what' my website was for and 'how it benefits' the consumer. So, I created a cheap video and put it on my homepage for testing... - an informal network for managers

      Main questions:
      Is this video 'too soft' (as in "managers don't need that much support")?
      Does it look too cheap?
      What elements need most improvment? What pictures etc. don't look good...?

      In addition, I'm still working on a FAQ section and a site map to help get everything a bit better organized. Any feedback and new suggestions for the video (or the site as a whole) are very greatly appreciated. Thanks,
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          SunnyStuff Wayfarer

          I think you did a great job with the video. It doesn't look cheap at all and it does a great job of explaining what your site does.
          I provide feedback for you, I have to really reach, but here's what I've got
          - Consider hosting your video on YouTube (or other video hosting platform). It just looks cleaner than Windows player. Also, it has controls that work. I noticed the video was 1:18, but after it completed, the time kept going and going. Also, you couldn't fast forward or rewind at all. I really like the way has displayed their videos.
          - I think you could remove a few of the photos. I found the animated ones looked best and related best with the voice-over. I thought some of the real people shots were randomly slotted in there. Perhaps try leaving some of the effective images on screen longer?...or just remove excess. If you could get the length of video down to 60 secs, that's probably ideal.

          Hope this helps!