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    Does your marketing suck?

    prostarprofit Wayfarer
      When you look at the messages of marketing that businesses use today. What do we see? We see businesses that have BIG EGOS. They tell us how great they are. How they have the lowest prices, and how they have the best services.

      Do any of us believe it? NO!

      Most businesses do not know what else to do. They see everyone else using it so they think it works. They think that is what they should be doing.

      There is a art to advertising and to marketing. For instance the Walt Disney company hired the Cheskin firm to figure out which color will give their charters greater appeal. Then we have "Payless Shoes". They color in their logo sub conscience make your feel that their products are cheap and affordable.

      There is a science to advertising when you use the proper combination of words, shapes, and colors this can greatly impact the results of your marketing.

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