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    Starting used tire business - need guidance!

    luvthat48 Newbie
      Hi, I am a newbie here. I live in NC and I am in the beginning phase of opening a used tire business. This business will provide all tire related services, but will only sell used tires. We may also provide some minor upholstery services (headliners, etc) as well - I have been doing this for years for family and friends.

      My head is swimming right now with all of the information I need to know to start this business. I am going to run the business with the help of my father, son and wife (at this point). We have about 20K and can get most of the equipment we will need (I already have some of it) with that as well as leasing a space. We are just a little confused what order to do things in.

      I have noted SBA and SCORE, but do not know which I should contact. Also at what point do I need to contact a CPA? My wife will do the books (she has experience with this), but I still think we need a CPA for guidance. Also at what point should I lease a place, before or after I apply for LLC. Just applying for the LLC is confusing since I do not have a place yet (did I just answer my own question???).

      Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.