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    Real Estate / Real Property / Manufactured Homes /Location?

    PapaGator Adventurer
      I have tried to start up a business that involves the rental of manufactured homes. I have acquired these properties over the years as neighbors notified me they wanted to sell their property to me as a first offering. Being an employee of a local company I did not have the time to work on this project only to struggle with the payments. Most were owner financed because no bank would loan the kind of money these people wanted. I recently tried to get an increase in my equity loan with bank of america to help with the money required for upgrades at these homes. I could rent them out if they were updated in appliances and some other enhancements. The bank said no to manufactured homes even if they are real property with property taxes.
      My question is there any way for a individual owner of property to get money for this purpose? I want to start it with a business mindset that I can control and grow. I am retired after 38 years with one employer in Tallahassee Florida. There is a lot more to the story and if anyone has information that can assist with this business idea please feel free to contact me at 850-877-1417 or email to