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    Solar farm consultant and/or partner

    Photon Newbie
      I want to get into Solar Farming in the US: to generate electricity and sell it to the power companies. But have no idea where to start etc. Looking for a knowledgeable consultant or someone experienced who is willing to partner. A business plan example woudl be great if you can provide.

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          Please don't take this the wrong way, but if I could offer some constructive criticism, I recommend you alter your post to indicate what value you bring to the equation (i.e. funding, experience, connections, vision). I don't see it in your statement.


          A consultant may be attracted simply to make some money, but I think you may find it difficult to find a partner. If you don't have experience and don't know where to start, a potential partner is likely to think that they will have to carry the burden of getting the business up and running, and therefore, why would they need or want to partner with you.


          Again, I'm not trying to be condescending or cruel, just trying to help you package your approach in a different manner so you can achieve your goal.


          I hope this helps.


          Doug Dolan


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            Brains4Biz Adventurer
            We are a civil, mechanical and environmental engineering firm specializing in
            renewable energy. Our firm does turn key solutions. Our expertise lies in site
            selection, power purchase agreements, permitting, design, construction, operation
            and management. We develop, design, provide and/or build solar, wind, biomass
            and other alternative fuel systems. We construct bio-fueled combined heat and
            power plants. Our specialty is green, zero emissions community development. We
            have $3 billion dollars worth of DBOM and financing projects worldwide. Our
            financing sweet spot is $50 million, but we have projects over $1 billion dollars.
            How big is your project? How much money is your investor putting into the deal?
            Please contact Steve Hartung of H2oScientific with your reply.
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              Impacts.Ca Newbie

              I have done some consulting in cleantech / renewable energy. Feel free to get in touch with me so we can discuss your project.


              Jean-Francois Denault, MBA
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                CaishyBoB Newbie

                Not sure how far you have gotten on this buisness venture. I may have land to lease or sell for a solar farm. Please see my post for details.

                copy and paste into address line.


                All the best