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    Networking and Leads groups question and thoughts please

    MadmanSigns Wayfarer
      Okay so here is my problem and thought i always have a hard time getting to lead groups and after hour parties to network to promote my buisness if you had someone that was reliable and willing to do this for a fee would you?

      As a business owner how much would you be willing to pay for someone to go to your leads groups and buisness after hour stuff?

      I own my own buisness and find it hard to escape to go to leads groups to bring in more clients there all in the mornings or afternoons, evening etc.
      I would consider having someone goto them for me and just bring me the leads. I have heard about company's doing this service they charge like $150- $300 dollars to interview my company, work up a 30 sec commercial and come back and give me what they have come up with about my company and how they would talk to the people in the group and after hour parties that is a one time charge, then its like $30-$40 dollars per leads group or after hours events for the hour paid weekly if more than an hour it additional.

      I was considering it but wasn't sure what other buisness owners think. So if you could post some replies about this subject and your thoughts that would be great. I think this is a great idea and would more than likley work good as a buisness but would it be worth the money to do it?

      Madman Signs
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          amspcs Ranger
          Dear Madman,

          I appreciate the demands of running a small business. However, I think you have it backwards a little: You might consider hiring someone to 'mind the store' for an hour or so a week while you attend networking functions in person, instead of vice-versa. That's how important networking is, in my opinion. Also, if you hire someone to attend the networking functions to 'just bring me the leads' as you put it, you will be wasting your time and money as well as that of everybody else at the function. That's because networking is a two-way street, you have to take AND give. In order to give, you need to attend personally and get to know the people, personalities, and businesses of your co-attendees. If you participate with the mentality of "just give me the leads', that won't work for long if at all.

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            The answer comes down to a couple of issues:

            How many prime prospects attend the local meetings that you would send a rep to in your place?


            You may want to attend a meeting prior to signing up a rep to go in your place. If you see that potential customers pack the meetings, then you may have good reason to send a rep. If however, the meetings have only a handful of attendees, you may want to pass.


            How many customers will you need to land to make the investment profitable?


            Do a calculation to estimate how much business you would need to bring in to cover for the cost (both initial and per meeting fees) of a rep. Are there enough people attending the meetings to make this a likely scenario?


            Interview the rep.


            How well do they know you? How adept are they are starting a conversation with strangers and building a rapport versus interrupting and dishing out business cards? I used to regularly attend our local chamber meetings when I owned a restaurant and experienced both scenarios. Those that were good at building the rapport, I built a relationship with. Those that swung by for the free food and stayed only long enough to interrupt people and push their business card, I threw their cards away.


            How else could you use this money for marketing that may be more effective?


            I believe networking is very important to building a business. But there are many ways you could network. For the same price, could you invite a number of key business people to your location for a luncheon and tour of your facility? Could you sponsor a chamber mixer at your location? Could you spend the money on doing a wrap for a local b2b delivery company in exchange for some shared advertising to their customers?


            If the numbers add up, go for it. Review the results after roughly a half dozen meetings. You will need to create a tracking system so you can tell if you are bringing in new clients specifically from this form of marketing. You could create a discount only handed out at these meetings or a special business card for these events only.


            Just some thoughts. Hope they help.


            All the Best,


            Doug Dolan


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              DomainDiva Ranger
              Liz Ryan did a great article for Huffington Post on April 7 titled: Ten Things That Are Not Networking, Consulting Edition. There is great information here for anyone 'networking' and what NOT to do.

              Heres the link:


              You may have to cut and paste the link.

              Networking and leads are so personal and face to face. Be careful and selective if this how you choose to go. I have a lot of friends in my business world that are 'champions' for our little software product but these people talk it up because they want to not because I have contracted them to do so.

              In Guy Kawasakis' book Rules for Revolutionaries he talks about making evangelists for your product. How can you make evangelists for your business?