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    Help needed!!

    renee90 Newbie
      Hi all, I'm just about to launch my own online store and I want to set up a newsletter, that will get sent out via email.

      I haven't made my store a website but am doing it through my blog as I know how it all works and I can see who is interested and following me. And I'm not really even sure how to go about it all with a website.

      I've already made my newsletter in MS Publisher so now I just need to work out how to send them out and how to get people to sign up to them.

      Also I need some internet savvy people to check out my site and let me know if I've got everything right, if the site is easy to navigate, that it loads quickly and if I've forgotten anything!

      I don't really know anyone who can help me so I thought this would be the best place to go!

      Thanks in advance!!

      this is my store
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          Archangel Adventurer
          Hey, nice site. I'm impressed with what you've done with a blogspot site. I wouldn't do my newsletters in MSPublisher or anything like that. I'd take a look at a service like They're fee is very reasonable and you can easily manage and create your newsletters. As for the site I must say again I'm impressed that you've done this on a blogspot site. Quite frankly, I would never have thought of that, but it seem to work fine. It doesn't look like you've forgotten anything as far as I can tell. The site looks good, navigation is simple enough and it only took a half a second for me to figure out what you are selling. Believe me, I've seen site out there where I still don't really know for sure what they were about. I think the only thing you seem to have left to do is marketing. You're in a good place to get started, google has probably already picked you up, but there are some other things you can do.

          First, go out and get some quality links on quality directories and websites like (Yes, that's my site, I hope you'll forgive the shameless plug). Don't be fooled by some service that says it can get you listed on 50 sites for $50 or something. Ten or 15 good links on good sites are worth a lot more. On Axelis I charge $2.50 for a listing. That's a one time fee. It's less than most places, and you can pay some pretty hefty fees if you're not careful, but if you take the time to do it right you can get a dozen or so really good links for much less than the $50 a service might charge you. In any case, so far you're site is looking really good. Get your newsletter thing worked out, get linked in a few really good place, then do a press release. Yes, a press release. You can go to or somewhere like that and get it done fast, easy and cheap.
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              renee90 Newbie
              Thankyou so much!! That was so helpful and honest!!
              I'm printing out your suggestions right now and I'll be checking those links once its done, I need things on paper or I get sidetracked! lol
              The sound of a press release sounds a bit scary but it's something I hadn't even thought of!!
              I've been advertising on scrapbooking sites as those people would be my main targets but I hadn't even considered that google would be interested, maybe I should google myself!! haha
              Thanks again for the info, links, ideas and I'll drop an update by once I've got it all up!