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    Help looking at my pest control site


      What do you think? If you're looking for termite, scorpion or other pest control, would you call the phone number? That's our goal-- to get more phone calls.
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          Archangel Adventurer
          Call the number? Which one? At the top of the page you have your local number, then farther down you have a toll free number. Pick one and stick with that number. The rest of it looks fine, if I were in Atlanta and needed your services I can't find anything there that would prevent me from calling, except the phone number thing. Beyond that, how are you marketing your site? If you need to get good quality links start at my site,
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            Hymesdesign Adventurer
            pretty simple and effective, good work, i'd definitely call if I was in need of pest control...provided your competition's site didn't grab my attention better. I don't know who your competition is to check though.
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              DeniseTaylor Newbie
              Your site looks great!

              To me, you have a great opportunity to attract attention to it by educating the world on the different types of pests your company handles. To do this, I would write informational articles that link back to your site. There has to be common concerns that you could really make interesting.

              For example: Is That Really a Black Widow? or Should You be Concerned about the Brown Recluse? or Does One Cockroach Mean Your Infested?

              I recently had a bad crane fly problem and was searching high and low for information. I didn't even know it was called a Crane Fly until someone on the Net educated me. Yours is a topic that effects a lot of people. If you use educational techniques, you will not only gain exposure for your site, you could gain customers out of gratitude for the information.

              In addtion to web articles, you could also write articles for your local newspapers. Many newspapers are now online and a craving content written by others. Perhaps you could write seasonal articles for them based on different problems in your local area. Mosquitos in summer, ants in the rainy season, natural remedies to repel bees during spring, etc. Keep in mind, your information doesn't always have to related directly to your product. Giving information on do-it-yourself tips still puts your name out there and helps to establish you as an authority.

              Other than Internet articles and local media outlets, I would suggest downloading the free ebook Make Your Site Sell which is here:

              It gives lots of information on how to get free search engine traffic and how to convert that traffic to warm, willing-to-buy customers.

              Good luck with your venture!
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                SlavikV Newbie
                Site looks good, but seems like your main objective is filling up the form. Not sure how I'm getting the Free Quote, seems like email is for the Free Report.

                Form is 4 fields, 2 of them are email. I'd remove email confirmation field and just say "Working Email Address"

                Hope this helps.

                Funneled Ecommerce blog @
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                  nuMantis Wayfarer
                  If you are specifically asking about certain pests it doesn't really say "scorpion" or whatever on there. Perhaps adding a rotation to your header images and depict the various vermin you want people to inquire about. Visual aspects to sites like this usually help. I'm also not sure on the SEO on your page either. I see major geo targetting on there but for one term only... that term being "Pest Control"... do you not want to be found for anything else?

                  Need help with the SEO let me know.

                  Randy Comeau - CEO
                  nuMantis Technology Solutions