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    DUNS numbers

    looking123 Newbie
      I am looking to establish my paydex score. I am having a hard time finding vendors that report to Dun and Bradstreet. Any suggestions?
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          phanio Pioneer
          Not many companies report to D&B - that is why very few lenders use business credit in their approval decisions. Plus, that is why you have to pay to create a business credit file (you don't have to pay for a personal file). If you are trying to use business credit to get around poor personal credit - why not just fix your personal credit and move on.

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            hawkseye Newbie
            Just a few to get you started.


            You can also go to and get detailed information about
            different business credit accounts that will help you establish a paydex,
            the experian and the equifax business reports which companies like dell,
            amazon, home depot etc use to issue business credit. Hope this helps.
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              techgenius Wayfarer
              Staples commercial credit card reports to DNB
              Capital small business credit card also reports to DNB.