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    Need a personal loan.....

    kate.smurfs Newbie

      I'm a 23 year old girl looking for some answers. I'm starting my own business and it's not only really exciting but of course really nerve racking as well. I suppose this is what I'm looking for...
      A mentor to help me thorugh this and a personal investor.

      The business is a doggie day care and it's in an area which there are none. I myself take my dog to a doggie day care and boarding kennel and am always frustrated that I have to go so far. When I pick her up as well I always say, it would be nice if they did this, or that. I finally realized, I just need to open my own. This is not a kennel with runs and neglectful people.
      This would be a state of the art, high class dog resort, the only one of it's kind in a HUGE area that would make money very very quickly.
      I'm young, have been burned by credit and others horribly and will not be able to qualify on my own for a loan from the bank.
      I'm also going into this with a full business plan, ideas and wanting to go in with a partner. I'm not to young I don't know what having a business entails, but I'm a bit to young to just be able to apply and go.

      If anyone has any ideas, would be interested in such investments or knows somewhere I can find someone who would be, please let me know. This is a huge chance, and I'd hate to see a potentional profit maker get shot down cause I could not get any help.
      Thank you!
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger

          Your post is a great first step (simply introducing yourself to people who may be in a position to help).

          The key to attracting a potential investor or serious financial partner is your business plan. It doesn't sound as though you have money to spend on the services of a consultant to help you with that, so you'll probably want to take advantage of free counseling from someone like a SCORE volunteer in your area. If you feel you plan is already solid, you could ask one or more consultants in this community to review it and offer feedback. Most of us would be willing to look it over, I think, and tell you if and where improvements are needed. (Of course, if you wanted specific advice on how to make those improvements, there would probably be a fee.)

          I'm sure others will offer additional ideas and encouragement. Welcome to the community and best wishes!
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Kate, I am a SCORE Counselor and would be happy to be your mentor online.
            How soon so you plan on starting this " doggie day care business " Anybody who would be interested in investing
            would want to see a business plan. You are in Calif. I am in N Y.
            would also be happy to review your Business Plan. SCORE helps
            people going into business FREE (no matter how many times you
            visit. SCORE is a partner to Bank of America and provides FREE
            You can visit SCORE in person or online.
            Good luck, LUCKIEST
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              M1S96F1 Newbie
              This type of business is not something that an outside investor would look at unless it is a family member or friend. I would check the SBA website and contact SCORE. SCORE is made up of retired professionals and business owners. I know several people who were able to secure funding through connections made at SCORE. They will also help you write a business plan and so forth. I don't know where you live but you can Google SCORE and find out where the local office is located. You should also try non-profit agencies such as ACCION and SEEDCO. To be honest, SBA is not the best when it comes to funding but they are goldmine of info which can help lead you to that path as well. I hope that this info helps.