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    Which method is best to sell my franchise business?

    kellogg Newbie
      This is my first post and I hope someone can help me out. After building my franchise business for 20 years my wife and I are thinking seriously about retiring. Since none of our kids are interested in taking over the business I think the best course of action is to sell it. The franchise I belong to has less than 400 franchisees and they do provide assistance in bringing the seller and a buyer together. If someone is interested in buying an established store rather than start from scratch then the franchise can tell them which stores around the country are available. Since this franchise hasn't always looked out for the best interest of the franchisees, some of the owners have cautioned me that maybe I should seriously consider finding a good business broker to sell my store. If I want to pursue this option, I come up with many questions. They are: 1. how do I find a good one? and 2. where should I look (in our town, in another city or one that handles all over the country)? For the sake of our business I do not want to let people in our town know that our business is up for sale. Our business is profitable and it would be a good opportunity for the right people. I would very much appreciate receiving comments and advice on how I should approach this important issue.