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    Anyone use Vayama for international flights?

      I've had some good as well as bad experiences. Wanted to know what anyone else has experienced. They have folks in India that answer the phone and sometimes it's really hard to understand what they say. At the same time, their email support seems pretty good.
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          VayamaVoice Newbie
          Hello Mongoose! I just wanted to provide you with a brief response to your inquiry and comment regarding the use of Vayama. I first want to apologize for whatever "bad experiences" you've had previously. We do work hard at providing our customers with professional and curteous service when needed. That's not to say we don't make a few mistakes from time to time or have a lapse in customer support from one of our Associates. But even when that is the case, if we are made aware of our short comings, we do everything we can to correct them and prevent that same issue from occuring again.
          With that said, in the future, when you use the services of Vayama and feel you are NOT receiving the assistance you need, please send an email to Attn: David. I promise I'll get back to you promptly and provide whatever assistance you might need.

          Happy Travels!
          Vayama Customer Relations Manager