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    A successful blog-- from ZERO to thousands of hits a day

      It's and is less than a year old. He's blogged about topics ranging from Hooked on Phonics to work at home scams. He's not a programmer or professional Internet marketer per se, but now generates enough traffic that it's now a full-time job. For those of you who have website, you might consider what he's done.

        • Posted on topics that will arouse interest. Do a Google Search on "send out cards scam" and you'll see his article is #1 in the results. There are 99 comments on that post, since it draws so much attention from people who want to argue.

        • Wrote about things that he has deep knowledge about. No substitute for passion. Some product manufacturers have even linked to his reviews, such as Hooked On Phonics. And such links serve to increase his own authority, since Google sees a highly topical link from a high PageRank site.

        • Had fun while doing it. Nobody wants to hang out with folks who are dull. He's written stuff on interesting pumpkin carvings, his fitness routine, his pet rabbit-- and whatever is interesting.

      Sound like magic? Not really. He's just blogged every day without missing a SINGLE day. And now his posts get thousands of visits. He's not rich, but it goes to show that anyone can do it with enough effort and keeping at it.

      Hope that helps your website or business in some way!