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    Happy New year to all

    Discovery Newbie

      I have started my Trading business since few years a go still i could not do it well, What are the main factors that i cant catch the market well? I relly work very hard and try doing it very seeriously but still i cant even get close to what i have planned, please share me some conceps as of how i should approach, hope this new year and your new idea migh seriously support me to set my business in batter shape.

      looking for ward to hear from all the experts and seniors in here.



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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Discovery, Happy New Year to you too. To help you succeed, you have to tell us more.
          More like your background, your education and why you started a trading business in the first place.
          The you share, the better we can help answer your questions.
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              Discovery Newbie
              Thank you very much lukies, I thank you for suggesting me the same, Yes i have degree in Business Management, but sounds its too little for what i am doing hahaaha seriously,

              My services :
              Discovery Associates Co., Ltd. is the first web-based real-time online advertising and marketing media approved by Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Royal Government of Thailand for providing online advertising, online marketing and web-services about the public and business information in the interest of the Thai residents on the global platform, having it's established office in the capital city, Bangkok.

              Discovery Associates Co., Ltd. is an ideal opportunity for every Thai organization to project and enhance organization's profile and to launch products and services in the domestic market as well as in the global market.

              Besides all, Discovery Associates provide value added online services like information on real-estate, hiring car, planning holidays, making great deals, entering into enterprising online ventures and so many other value added services to the residents of The Royal Kingdom of Thailand and to the global residents at large.


              Therefore, if your organization requires any marketing solutions such as finding purchaser or importer for your products or if your Company is looking for right product to purchase or to import don't forget to check with Discovery Associates Co., Ltd. Discovery Associates Co., Ltd. have researched and have a vast information on Thai products and services and also have solid information on global market at large. The information that we have are all genuine business information who are seriously interested in business. Should you have any quarries please do not hesitate to contact us at our following address at any time, we stand by for your growth.

              The above describes what i do, but pelase do you think I have opened it too wide for me to care ? please advise