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    Chinasourcing - TOP50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China

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      Service outsourcing is an emerging business and industry developed on the basis of modern information technology in the wave of economic globalization. The global service outsourcing market suffered direct strike and impact from the economic depression caused by the global financial crisis. However, as a key means for enterprises to reduce cost, outsourcing has become a have-to-take operating measure for more overseas enterprises after the crisis. An increasing number of MNCs and financial institutions outsource more business to providers from low-cost countries and the regions like China, and which made China's outsourcing industry become the first recovery industry in 2009. According to the statistics from the Ministry of Commerce of China, there are 4,175 new service outsourcing enterprises emerged in China, and the total enterprise number is 8,950, with 1,547 million employees. In 2009, the total service outsourcing contracts number increased to 60247, up 142.6% over last year, while the total contract value is 20.01 billion dollars, up 185.6%, and the contract execution value is 13.84 billion dollars. In which, the offshore outsourcing contract value is 14.77 billon dollars, up 153.9%, and the contract execution value is 10.09 billion dollars. Along with the recovery and growth of the global economy, China's service outsourcing industry would realize a faster development by leaps and bounds in 2010.


      As China's service outsourcing industry rises vigorously, the industrial selection activity of"Chinasourcing - TOP50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China" is also getting mature gradually. As the most authoritative and professional industrial selection for service outsourcing industry in China, the brand influence of "TOP50" is growing rapidly as well, and has become one of the most important reference for numerous domestic and overseas companies to outsource business, for outsourcing industrial parks and cities to evaluate and invite investment, as well as for companies to select partners. "List relies on industry development, list presents industry development, and list promotes industry development". The development of China's service outsourcing industry succeeded the TOP50 selection; the TOP50 selection continued the glory of China's service outsourcing industry.


      After six months of fierce contention and competition ever since it was officially launched in September 2009,the final result and list of "Chinasourcing - TOP50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2009"(TOP50)was released on March 8,2010. Compared with the previous two selections, this year's selection got expansion and growth on not only the selection scope but also the evaluation system. There are totally 1208 excellent service outsourcing enterprises participating in the 2009 TOP50 selection, covering 12 segment service outsourcing industries. For enterprise evaluation, the 2009 TOP50 adopted the evaluation system of "rigid-flex", which is mainly composed of rigid factors including enterprise size, business income, certificates etc. and flex factors like enterprise growth, corporate management, corporate branding and clients ranges etc. The final 2009 TOP50 list got certain changes and the listed companies truly and fairly reflects the top level of China's service outsourcing industry. As one of the most influential and authoritative selection for service outsourcing industry, TOP50 list mirrors the changes and development of the whole service outsourcing industry in China.


      "Chinasourcing - TOP50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2009" List


      Together with the list, China Service Outsourcing Industry Development Analysis Report 2009 (+Chinasourcing-TOP50 Service Outsourcing Providers in China 2009 White Paper+) was also published. In which, Devott not only conducted a detailed analysis on the TOP50 selection process, evaluation system and listed enterprises ,but also gave an in-depth research and analysis towards the development of China's service outsourcing industry in 2009, while presenting its reasonable forecasts and suggestions to the industrial development in 2010. With strong practical significance, the Report is now taken as an important reference for the development of China's service outsourcing industry, parks and enterprise.