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    Apps for IPhones

    jimmymac Newbie
      My firm develops and markets risk management applications for small businesses. All of our license sales are subscription based. We are keen to explore a transition to a "Google" type business model and would like to explore how we can monetize our content and port our applications to an IPhone type platform.

      We are concerned that this model may cannibalize our subscription sales and want to know how to forecast and plan revenue objectives for the risky transition.

      We are also curious about development costs and how the amortization process works.

      We appreciate all and any insights into this critical business decision.

      continued success,

        • Re: Apps for IPhones
          ramyaramani Newbie
          Some of the points that you may want to consider before porting your applications:

          • Can all the activities be completed in the iPhone itself? How about having a model where subscription and iPhone application co-exist i.e. the application in the iPhone will be an extension to your main application where you can charge the users for any transactions etc.
          • Which platform are you going to focus on iPhone or Blackberry or Windows Mobile? You might want to do a research on the percentage of users in each platform in your target market. Does your team have the platform expertise? If not, are you willing to invest in the R&D or are you going to hire an experienced team? All this will factor into your development cost.