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    Scam alert.  Watch out for this one.

    amspcs Ranger
      It's amazing (and sad) what some sales people will stoop to in order to get a sale, meet a quota, and keep their job for another week. Here's the latest one going around in my industry, which happens to be payment processing--actually its a re-birth of a scam that was common years ago.

      This one involves proprietary POS processing equipment. The hardware is rigged to work only with the processing network that the device seller represents. So when the poor merchant who bought the equipment gets his rates doubled, tripled or worse in a few weeks or months, he's stuck. He can't change processors because none are compatible with the equipment. And he's not about to drop hardware he just paid hundreds or thousands for into the trash can and buy a whole new system just so he can change processors.
      He's stuck, exactly as the scammer planned.

      I have advised many a poster in this forum to be careful to avoid anything proprietary in this industry. This is why. If you know anyone in the market for a POS device, big or small, please be sure to pass this info onto them. I know of at least four merchants who have fallen for this scam in the past 3 months--it's very sad.