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    Questions About Starting  Clothing Line

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      I have done quite a bit of research prior to starting my clothing line, but I do have a few questions that I can't seem to find answers to after scouring the internet, and thought members that had similar businesses might be able to help:
      1) For women's and junior's apparel, what are the most commonly sold sizes?
      2) For a first line, how many different colorways should itesm be available in?
      3) For a first clothing line, how many different pieces would you suggest having available if we will be attempting to have our clothing available at retail locations?
      4) For a spring 2011 collection, when would you suggest having overseas sourcing begin and when do sales reps like to have their necessary samples?
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              I can help you a bit with #4. I run a sourcing consultancy (ALC Global Partners that helps small businesses locate reliable suppliers and purchase products in China. We have had experience working with the needs of start-up businesses and would look forward to assisting you.

              We are actually running a special this month for small businesses and individuals looking to purchase or manufacture products abroad. You can call our Kansas City office at 913-221-2805 or email to set up a free 15 minute consultation session and get your questions about importing and manufacture answered! We look forward to hearing from you.
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              Great Questions...I would like to see answers to these too.
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                1) You can try to make a phone appointment with a manager in some boutiques and department stores to find out what their most commonly sold/ordered sizes are. More sophistocated software keeps up with that type of information these days.

                2) I wouldn't do colorways soley based on a number. Check out the trends for the upcoming season and fator that in, as well. Trendy colors will sell better than colors that are not so popular, especially in the junior market. I used to do merchandising and production management for a designer in NY. She would add in extra colors to balance the line and I would edit them out because they were hard to sell.

                3) My first collection is debuting in spring 2011 too and I will have no more than 21 pieces in my collection, which is a nice handful for your first go.

                4) Do your sourcing asap. Sometimes sourcing can be a lengthy process, especially if you don't have established contacts for items you will need. Just creating a spreadsheet for the fabric, notions and findings for each garment, along with pricing and contact info will put you ahead when you get to the point of production. At the moment, the only thing I source overseas is my labels (Hong Kong). I get all my fabrics in the US, however my favorite fabric guy has a location in NY and in China, so I am open to producing in China since shipping fabric won't be a huge hassle and then I can import in the finished goods.

                You need to set up an annual calendar with deadlines for things that need to be accomplished. Set your deadline dates (annual), then fill in the amount of time you will be working on that task (weekly). Once you have completed that, fill in the daily stuff according to how many hours per day you are allotting to each task. This method organized my work life quickly and saved me from being behind.

                Hope this info helps!