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    Is Texas or Deleware better for Corporation, but I in Calif.

    greatdays Newbie
      Is is better creating a corporation in Texas, or Delaware when I will be living in California, and address of business will be in CA too?
      Pros and cons please?

      Also, do either of those states require a corporation to have an attorney respond to a lawsuit?
      In California, the management cannot respond to a lawsuit (unless an attorney too), and the corporation's attorney needs to be the responding person.
        • Re: Is Texas or Deleware better for Corporation, but I in Calif.
          bpfinance Adventurer
          What benefits are you trying to obtain for incorporating elsewhere. If your business operation is mostly in California, generally, it isn't worth it to incorporate elsewhere. Sometimes it is better to incorporate in a state like Delaware for liability reasons and other various issues, but it depends on what industry you are in.

          You will have to pay taxes to the State of California regardless of where your corporation is set up.

          Let us know a little more about your business, what you do, and why you want to incorporate in a state other than California so we will be able to help you.