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    Need time management advice for a busy entrpreneur

    prooffice Newbie
      There are so many books and web content on time management its hard to digest it all. Looking for effective time management advice for a busy entrepreneur.
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          Uncle Leon Tracker
          Ok...this isn't rocket science. I don't know your type of business so some of what I say may not apply. Here are a few tips.

          Don't answer calls as they come in. Let your receptionist or secretary "screen" all calls. WHEN IT'S CONVENIENT FOR YOU, return calls that are appropriate, Don't return unnecessary calls (Salesman wants to sell you framas rods, etc.), and delegate call backs when appropriate. If an unknown person tells your secretary that it's "a personal call"; he's lying, and wants to sell you framas rods.

          Drop-ins: If you meet clients by appointment. schedule similar appointments together and leave some "Open Time" to complete your tasks.

          Delegation: Are you the ONLY one who can help clients? ...Really? Could someone be trained to do that?

          Make a list of all the things you have to do. Some of these things are very important to your business...some are not. Some are urgent...some are not.

          Make a prioritized list - Top to bottom, in order of urgency and importance.

          Starting at the bottom, ask yourself "What's the worse thing that would happen if I NEVER did this? You may be surprised to find that many things are just "busy" things that can be ignored.

          Then looking overe your list ask yourself , "Which of these tasks can be delegated to an employee whose time is less valuable than mine?"

          You will by now have found a shorter list.

          Now, each day, begin at the top, doing the most urgent and important tasks. as you complete them, mark them off.

          At the end of the day, analyze your list to see if the urgency has changed for any of the tasks. Some things that weren't as urgent, may become more so as time passes. Add new tsk into the list based upon their importance and urgency.

          The next morning, start all over again.