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    Do you ever use eCheck?

    moogrdotcom Adventurer is trying to push some more services on me and i was just pinging the community to see if any of you will or have ever used an electronic check as a form of payment for online purchasig - basically type in your check details and it does an electronic draft online.

      Would you use it? have you used it? Would you rather just drop a check in the mail and wait for it to clear? Never bother because its easier to use your credit card?

      thanks in advance!
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          Yes I have used eCheck and Paypal. Now that I think about it, I have been dropping less checks in the mail.
          The core eCheck patent was issued in 1997. This
          patent covers the notion of a digital signed payment authorization.
          Half of my bills like electric and gas utilities, phones, auto insurance are all paid automatically, the balance
          by credit card. Never see dirty cash.
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            NatOnline Tracker
   tried to sell me also this echeck service. I don't see Paypal offering this service anymore.

            Credit Cards are the best way to go or if someone want to pay cash they can aways use their Paypal account linked to their checking account.

            I had only two customers in the last 2 years paying with echeck, in my opinion it doesn't worth to offer this monthy paid service anymore.
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              CorpCons08 Ranger

              I think I have had only one business client in the past 35yrs use an eCheck.
              It was an idea that really never went anywhere, because it is more convenient to use credit/debit cards today.

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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                I never bought or sold anything using eCheck, and don't offer it as a payment option.
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                  InternetGuyz Newbie
                  I have used online check payment options through, linkpoint and paypal in the past and stopped using them because: customers did not use them very often, the funds were not guaranteed, the check could still bounce, most all checking accounts come with a debit card that the customer can use (unless they have banking problems) so their really was no need to offer the option. If you do decide to accept echecks I recommend you do not ship or provide service until the e-check clears and funds are in your account... steve
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                    Faerie Wayfarer
                    Although we use we do not use the eCheck service. We do recieve several eCheck payments a month via PayPal.

                    We use a program called CheckMan. We allow our website customers to do check by phone and a few do but it is most useful for our commercial customers. Many fax us a check and then we create the check via CheckMan. This cuts down payment processing time.
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                      CEO Space Scout
                      The only experience I had with echeck was on the business side and it was a bad one.

                      We added echeck to one of our web sites because some clients had asked for it.

                      After our bad experience, we dropped it and since having paypal and credit cards is all we've needed.