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    Where to buy?

    caary5657 Newbie

      Hi all,


      I have a small business. There are ten employees working in my organization.
      Actually, I’m having 4 separate telephone lines which are quite costly for me
      and also I’m unable to control my staff because of communication problem. So I
      am planning to install a PBX system that I can save my money and time. Does
      anyone know a good source where can I buy?
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          Lighthouse24 Ranger
          Just to clarify . . . Are you saying that you're not interested in a Hosted PBX solution -- i.e., you've already decided you want to buy equipment and have the system in-house, and you're seeking PBX equipment and vendor recommendations?
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            5657, This is just a suggestion. Last month on this site, there was at least one and maybe two questions
            with good answers about telephone lines and systems,
            There is a box on the upper right that says "Search this site" Put in telephones and see what pops up.
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              moogrdotcom Adventurer
              Are you looking at a PBX to lower your telco costs or to manage your employees or both? I use Asterisk PBX and Voice over IP with a backup analog line and its the most affrodable solution for me. I pay per the minute but its less than 1 cent per minute and the base rate is only 1.95/DID (incoming number). No "per line" charge since Voip acts like a PRI.

              Cisco/Linksys both sell "Soho" small office PBX in a box systems and 9 out of 10 small businesses just get a meridian system. Either way a PBX will offer you call detail reports, you can block numbers, restrict calls, listen in on calls, record calls and do so much more.

              Sounds though like you may just need to put your foot down either way ;)