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    Question about QuickBooks default settings

    amspcs Ranger
      I have what is probably a silly question, but I've been using QuickBooks for something like 20 years and STILL haven't figured out how to avoid making the same dumb mistake over and over.

      Here it is: When I go to make a deposit into one of the checking accounts we maintain for different purposes, I am always prompted to select the checking account I want the deposit to go into from a drop-down window. Unfortunately, that drop down contains several
      account selections that have been closed or inactive for many years for many reasons (the bank no longer exists, I changed accounts, whatever). But the account selection remains in the drop-down list, and for reasons including I'm in a hurry, my eyes don't workas well as they used to years ago, etc etc., I sometimes accidentally highlight the wrong account, which causes all sorts of inconveniences and extra work.Or, since the 'default' account showing happens to be one that hasn't existed for years now, sometimes I forget to make an account selection at all and accidentally place the deposit into a non-existant account.

      So my questions are: One, how do I delete old accounts from that drop down list. And, two, how do I change the default account to automatically select the depository account I most often use?

      Thanks to any of you QB astute folks out there who might know the answer to this question.

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          geekoid Wayfarer
          You would have to do two things:

          1. Go to the Chart of Accounts and make the accounts you now longer want to see in the drop-down list inactive (right-click on account and select Make Account Inactive).
          2. Go to Edit | Preferences | Checking | My Preferences and check the box for Open the Make Deposits and select the account that you use the most often for deposits.