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    What marketing tools do you use?

    seoangel Newbie

      what marketing tools do you use?

      my marketing methods got me to no1 on google in 4 weeks by

      submitting to 600,000 engines everyweek
      submitting articles
      joining forums
      classifield site
      reading ebooks analizing my website


      helping others


      if you build your website seo friendly and get your keywords weight right search engines will market your website free by the keywords people search

      has anyone got any more marketing tips they would like to share to gain more traffic i no link building but i havent even started that yet

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          NatOnline Tracker
          Hello Seoangel,

          I will ad those:

          Directories submissions
          Forums signature link
          Social bookmarks
          Internal linking to promote either articles or products

          600,000 engines every week ? What for? :-)
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            blueoryx Newbie
            some of those are scary methods... be careful of link farms!

            What keywords did you get no. 1 for... that is the true test

            I get no. 1 for blue oryx but for simple cms or even cms it is another story. but then again i have just started my SEO strategy.

            My Strategy is Page title, Mod Rewrite and uri naming and depth, bread crumbs, h1, content, 508 compliance, Semantic Markup, and linking to quality links (PR 4+).

            I have never used the 600,000 submittal deals and have always been 1-40 for all targeted keywords and every single page has been indexed which is the no. 1 key to success.

            forums, technorati and digg type things are good for certain genres as well, mainly products verses services.

            Anyone else got any tricks they would like to share?
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              seoangel Newbie
              keywords and seo is the most important part of online business in my opinion it should be the 1st thing everyone should learn i got to no1 with 330,000 compet. and with 22000 searches a monthbut took two years to learn . i could get to number one on google useing another keyword but with only 40 searches a month its important to do your homework on how many searches there is on what your website is selling and work out the best option for you, it also depends if your up against more competition and the big companys ... if you want to send me your web address i will be more than happy to send you information on the keywords and phrases people use ,i can also send you information on what your competetors score to your score and also the weight on your keywords in your landing pages as this is helpfull with seo friendly .
              im sorry if my comunication is not good i am welsh but will try my best to help