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      Hi Everyone,
      I just thought i should let everyone know what i have been doing for the past few weeks.A friend of mine actually introduce me to this lucrative business in the energy industry and i think the best thing for me to do is to share my experience aswell as to extend the opportunity to people in this community.Unfortunately it's only in Texas and Newyork for now.They will be extending the opportunity to Illinois very soon.

      Now,Let me get to the issue at hand if you are currently residing in these states and are serious about starting your own business with below $500 then this is the business for you.The name of the energy company is Ambit energy they charge 10.99 cent per kilo watt and that is about the cheapest you could get in the industry if not the cheapest.All you have to do is join my team by becoming a marketing consultant and begin switching customers to be using ambit energy.This is a very good residual income that can never be quantified.If you are interested please go to my website first after which you could give me a phone call to discusss this unique business opportunity.

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      I hope this will help you in achieving one of your financial goals because is doing the same to me.