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    Do you need my help ?

    seoangel Newbie
      Do you need help setting up your business and marketing it online i have had an online business for 2 years and my money is now on auto pillot so i have free time to help others feel free to ask and i will do my very best to help anyone i can give you free ebooks software and got good knowlage of seo and tools and resources what ever you choose to sell i can show you where to find the best website for any questions that i cant answer my name is sonia im not at all good with my comunication so please excuse me
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          LUCKIEST Guide
          seoangel, Tell us more. You have had an online business for 2 years. GREAT, what kind of online business?? Your money is now on auto pilot?? What does that mean??. free time to help others?? FREE like no charge??
          Where are you located, LUCKIEST
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            seoangel Newbie

            hi ive had all kinds of business i started on ebay , got scamed, went into wholesale got scamed again , so decided to learn in depth about online business seo and marketing , i started up again selling rolex watches, got my site to no1 on google in a month 330.000 competetors and 22.000 plus searches a month , which im proud to achive, but decided not to carry on and went into helping others my money is now on autopilot as im an affiliate to hundreds of site all i do is advertise them my personal website i dont market as i have put it up just for my own use but you are free to visit
   if you click on the clickbank link on the left you will see all the website im advertising and making money thats my autopilot money .. and yes im giving my help free im bored and like new challenge i love learning im not makeing huge money at all few 100 extra a month is all i need to pay bills its taken me year and a half to get my first 100 dollers so goes to show im crazy..... lol.. i gave up rolex wathes as i had customers asking me about the watches and i didnt have a clue , so my advice is go into business only if you willing to learn everything about the product you sell.... dont do what i did ..


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              Lighthouse24 Ranger
              Short version . . . non-sustaining business model.

              I've not seen anything quite like the descriptions of the products on the website your referenced . . .
              "I do not want to write long description about this product."
              (At least the content provider was honest!)