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    Hope our new c-store has aspirin

    richnleeinmi Newbie
      My wife her sister and myself are getting close to making an offer on a small c-store/gas station. It has been empty for four years it has about 1600 sq ft with what use to be used as pizza/misc room of about 750 sq ft with seperate main entrance and interior walk-thru from c-store counter. I believe previous owners worked both sides with little help. The store has 8 door walk in cooler a couple 12 ft two sided shelving units. The fuel part has somewhat new tanks but no pumps, we are in the process of having the enviromental checks done. As far as location we are basically in the middle of nowhere in Michigan about 45 miles from a larger city 8 miles from a small town that has 1 gas station and 1 small grocery store about 4 miles away is a small c-store w/o gas. We are on a year around sport lake with about a split between seasonal and permanent residents a large state campground about 150 sites 1 resort with 12 cabins. I hope I am not prattling on to much.
      We recently attended the Michigan Petroleum Association/Michigan Association of C-stores expo and really learned alot of useful information and met some very useful contacts. We have a idea of what getting the gas portion up and running is going to cost but really havent got a firm idea on the store inventory. Most distibutors want to come to the store and give us there plans for filling the store but we haven't purchased yet because we want to make sure its viable first we know we will need a little more shelving and are wondering how to get an "cold" estimate of stocking the store.