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    Link buying sites

      Has anyone here bought links? Curious to see the results, as there are MANY people selling links, promising huge results. Yet I check the pagerank of these folks and it's usually zero or very low. Hmmmm....
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          PaulB_oz Newbie
          Don't do it.
          The potential negative impact upon your PageRank is substantial for a vague and mostly illusory upside.
          You're better off creating great content that people will link to thus organically growing your PageRank.
          Hard work, takes time.......that's why the shortcuts look so enticing.
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            AnchorAnthony Newbie
            I would stay away of sites like this. The truth is that once Google catches wind they'll typically penalize not only that site, but yours as well. This could result in a huge hit in your organic traffic.

            There are plenty of ways to rank using "white hat" techniques, have you exhausted these already?
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              SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer
              Consider this scenario:

              You have 100 back links since one year ago but it increased to 1000 backlinks in a month! This is what Google penalize you because it is like link buying.

              Good PageRank and slow link building stategy is good and has no known negative factor. Here is why: You are responsiple for your website links and you're not responsible for other people links. But if you buy link from them you will loose your mony without outcome.

              By the other hand competitors company can buy backlinks for their competitors to ruine their rank that google says it is not possible.

              These two above guideline dosen't make sence but here is real story. Having strong backlinks with PageRank 5 or more is good and improve your ranking in search engine result page but if you rush, it will be penalize because link buying is restricted.

              Having backlinks with high PageRank like 7 or more from .gov. edu and .org domain will improve youe PageRank and your ranking in search result. It will better even if your linked page related to your web site content. It is better if the linked page has FOLLOW tag.

              There are some scam and link building or trading or buying is not black hat nor white hat it is in gray area. Someone ask you a lot of money to put you in the first page or even in rank # 1 it is doable but whenever some one guranty that it is scam. They give you some backlinks from website with good PageRank or huge amount of visitors it has not too much effect on yahoo ranking because yahoo counts the backlink but it has great effect on your google ranking.

              Google algorithms measure each link based on score or PageRank but if you just bought it google will find out soon or later, you are happy now. If it is worth it keep it but remember no matter what was the promises as long as you pay you stay on the top and after that contract period they lease those backlinks to some one else until they penalized or banned.

              As a tip try authority and reputable SEO firm instead of any offer and if it is too good to be true ...

              Another tips is to have a measure ment plan to find out is it worth it or not if you want to pay 10K for your SEO campaign maybe you have beeter result by 8K investment in on-line markeing or SEM like adwords.

              I hope this hels
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