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    Contractors that are Licensed with the State

    PlumberRandy Newbie
      As a business owner and one of the States Licensed contractors I have come across a lot of questionable business practices. I truly believe that I'm in the business to help people. I wished that there was more to it than just getting licensed and going out and doing business. You really never know what your in store for until its too late. My company is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a Better Business Bureau A plus company. As a consumer you should really know who your dealing with and make sure they are legitimate. I push and harp on this matter because with our present economy there are a lot of people being taken advantage of and its frustrating for me and the client. I believe we could save time and money if we were to gather a hand full of the companies with the same philosophy and promote them and give the people who need our service the best money can buy. I'm a Plumber with a different approach to doing business and taking care of the customer. A plumber with love for his profession and the people he gets to work for...