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    Design should be breif..!! Y ??

    alexander7 Newbie
      There are two main reasons why you should write a design brief:

      It will make sure what exactly YOU want to achieve from your design project, as a business owner or manager. This brief will act as a reference point for graphic or logo
      designers and will give them key areas to concentrate on. This initial
      effort will save you time and money to achieve the end result. If you
      supply as much information and details to your graphic designer at the
      start of the project, he/she would be able to give you more value for
      your money.


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          Hymesdesign Adventurer
          Never underestimate the value of information, as a graphic designer I can atest 100% that the clients who give me a clearer picture of what's in their mind always seem to appreciate the end result more than those who leave it up to me entirely. No matter how good the designer chances are they aren't a psychic, just my opinion, never actually conducted any research on pyschic designers lol.