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    Whatever became of common business courtesy?

    amspcs Ranger
      Hoo-boy,now I've heard everything. Just got off the phone with a CFO who I have been trying to reach for more than two weeks via telephone and email. A question over an accounts payable his company shortchanged mine on dating back
      to December last. He simply refused to return messages, and I had to try several times daily until I finally happened to get him to pick up his phone which was what happened today. Know what his take was? He lectured that I had some nerve calling him and leaving messages several times a day for the past week, and threated to hang up if I didn't shut up and listen !!!! Some nerve, huh? As I pointed out to him, there was a really simple solution to the problem if my calls were bothering him--all he had to do was man up and return my call. I repeat: Hoo boy. I've been stiffed by a lot of deadbeats in my time, but this one is special. I think I'll just turn him over to a collection agency I know of (along wth the deadbeats home phone number which I also happen to know).

      Anybody have a situation in which jerks duck you? If so, I'd be curious to know how YOU handle the situation.