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    femani Newbie

      Am a computer science grad, hoping to start a small scale businesss.
      I will appreciate unique business ideas for my field.
      Thank you.
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          phanio Pioneer
          The idea matters less than your ability to execute. What are you good at? What are you passionate about? Where are potential customers being underserved or have needs not being met? Your business depends on you and your ability to carry it out!

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              femani Newbie

              phanio thanks for taking your time to share some piece with me. The problem i have is not me not been able to identify what i am good at... but the economy i find myself. I reside in Nigeria and the Nigeria economy does really appreciate young programmers lyk me. But if i get ideas i will look at it feasibility with the Nigerian economy n could even collabo with friends to get somtn started.
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                  I agree with phanio. As to your response, the beauty of the internet is it gives you access to customers outside your local area - especially in your industry. Have you done any research on sites where you can post a profile to provide services (i.e. freelance sites like eLance)?


                  If you post your profile on freelance work sites, your next biggest hurdle will be to come up with reasons why the language barrier, time zone difference and credibility will not be a problem as compared to working with freelancers in their area.


                  I hope this helps for a start.


                  All the Best,


                  Doug Dolan


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