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    Cleaning Business

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      Im trying to start a cleaning business.I have all the supplies but what I dont have is a contract I wanted to know if anyone knows how to get contract? How do I find a business that is looking for cleaners? I would like to bid on a business but I dont know how. Can anyone help me?
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          bpfinance Adventurer
          What is your target market? (Retail?, office space?, etc...) How big of an area do you have the capacity to clean?

          Generally, the best idea is just to call businesses in your area and talk to them. Most businesses who need a cleaning company will already have one. You have to be able to tell them why you are a better company. That means you need to know your competition inside and out. You need to know how much they charge, what services they provide, and things that make them unique. That way when a company tells you that they like cleaner "A", you can say, "Well, they are a fine company, but we are better at .../we offer ... and they don't, etc...

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            You have to get out and sell yourself and your services. I don't recommend that you call around - but do so in person. In fact, our current cleaning company just walked into our office one day, told us how they could do a better job - pointed out areas that our previous company missed and the next day, we had a new cleaning company. You have to get in their face to face and sell.

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              Cleaning Business

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                You have some very good suggestions here.


                What type of cleaning business are you? Are you just another cleaning business or have you focused on a specific niche and offer a unique service? You need to determine your advantage for people selecting your service. From there, you can identify the appropriate customers to go after and speak to them of the benefits you offer that the other competitors don't (keep it positive).


                I agree with "phanio" about getting out there in person. You can do place some flyers and send direct mail pieces while you are approaching business in person. Networking face to face, I believe, will do more for your business than other forms of passive advertising (ads, flyers, etc...). You can network with your local chamber of commerce, commercial real estate agents, property management companies, and so forth.


                However, as I mentioned earlier, the key is to start with a clear focus of who your ideal customer is, what you have to offer that is unique from the competition, and then develop a strategy to identify and connect with the customers that fit within your focus.


                I hope this helps for a start.


                All the Best,


                Doug Dolan


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