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    warehousing and fulfillment

      I am starting an ecommerce business and I need help and referrals to a good fulfillment company? My website is going to be selling jewelry.
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          amspcs Ranger
          You need to be very careful of a couple of things regarding payment processing of your jewelry.

          1.) You need to make sure the merchantise, when shipped, contains YOUR business name and contact info return address info, not that of the fulfillment house. So if there is a problem, the customer knows from whom the item was purchased and how to get ahold
          of that vendor. Otherwise, if charged to a credit card, they're just going to call their credit card bank and initiate a chargeback dispute. That is a VERY bad thing for the merchant both short and long term.

          2.) If not delivered almost immediately, you need to make sure the charge is 'captured' when the item is shipped, not before if the before period is more than a couple of days. In other words, you want to avoid situations in which the customer
          gets his credit card bill containing the charge before he receives the merchandise, which again will result in a chargeback dispute.

          Make sure whichever payment processor you chose to work with you provides adequate training in these areas, otherwise you life will quickly become one big headache.

          Good luck.


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            LUCKIEST Guide
            warehousing and fulfillment

            Welcome. Who r u?? Go to Members page and share some info

            Have you developed a business plan??
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              vnavguys Tracker
              I have several contacts that do warehousing and fulfilllment for my own ecommerce business. I am an expert in this field, if you want to discuss it you can contact me directly.