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    New business venture with a small group of friends

    gregory_9 Newbie
      Poor communication - 4 people in this group starting a new for profit building business not everyone is on the same page - I recently was left out of the loop on a meeting I could not attend and no one proceeded to get back with me on their own - I had to initiate an e-mail and only after I was told I would find out what happened - no one bothered to tell me - I am unsure if I should remain in this group. we have been together for about 3 1/2 months and don't trust my feelings totally on this one. I think about it - I ask for answers but it takes so long to get a reply - I feel like I am not really a part of this group - we all make mistakes but why don't people tell me what is going on?
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          phanio Pioneer
          Bad situation - your group needs to understand that all players have value. My suggestion would be to call your group together, explain what happen (without blaming others) - then suggest that as a group, you develop proceedures that facilitate better communications. For example, that one member, at the beginning of any meeting is appointed to take notes then put those notes out in the form of minutes. Then, all members have the same information plus, your group can always refer back when needed.

          If your group does not agree to put proceedures in place - then maybe it is not the group for you as your gut is already telling you. But, first try to influence change before walking away.

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