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    What is your Mission Statement?

    Buffalo Adventurer
      What is your company's mission statement? And if you would care to share your company's vision statement that would be good too.

      The Mission statement for Buffalo Graphix is short and to the point:
      "We Will Get You Noticed!"

      Vision Statement:
      Our Vision is to grow Buffalo Graphix into the premier company to go to for custom printed apparel in Western New York.
      We will also continue to provide small businesses with eye catching graphics and other promotional products that will increase their visibility and increase their profits.

      I'm not thrilled with the Vision Statement so it will no doubt change.

      Luckiest you better darn well have one!!!
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          Ed O'Gee Adventurer
          Straight from my brochure:


          O'Gee & Parker Consulting is committed to ensuring our clients develop the best trained and most prepared sales forces, utilizing proven sales techniques, the latest technology, and years of industry experience; to not just meet but consistently exceed client sales forecast and revenue expectations.
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            LUCKIEST Guide
            Buffalo, You asked O K, --- My mission is to help with Quickbooks, To demonstrate the advantages of computers
            and bookkeeping systems through Quickbooks and expand accessibility to as many individuals as reasonably
            possible so they may gain employment from the benefits of Quickbooks.

            QUICKBOOKS Consultant with Onsite Support in the New York, New Jersey
            Will help manage your Accounting and Bookkeeping tasks easily and
            in person, by phone or email.
            I teach you or your business how to effectively use Quickbooks.

            Should I also include
            My business skills include Accounting, Advertising and Promotion,
            Bartering Products and Services, Budgeting, Employment Agencies (both
            Perm and Temp), Payroll, Quickbooks, Recruiting, Trade Shows and
            Vending Machines.

            And then I will talk about SCORE in my next post. LUCKIEST
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              LUCKIEST Guide
              Bullalo, Where are you?? LUCKIEST
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                Lighthouse24 Ranger

                Mission statement: "I am making a positive contribution." Please note that this is not a tag line or ad slogan -- it is meant only to guide our actions and decisions. (In fact, we rarely share that mission with anyone outside the company.)

                To sustain a consulting practice, we have to know things our clients don't; catch things they miss; do things they can't. Every individual contributes to making a client's business better, more efficient, or more profitable (it's the reason for choosing the pronoun "I" instead of "we" -- each of us take that mission personally). These positive contributions ensure that our value far exceeds our fee. Being "contribution- focused" also gives us a lot to feel good about, and it keeps our big egos from competing with each other. Finally, it helps me set management priorities -- for example, I rarely check things like employee time sheets or expense reports, but I continually follow up, verify, and recognize positive contributions.
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                  puzzleman Tracker
                  Our mission statement is: We handcraft your personalized puzzle just for you.

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                    capecoach Newbie
                    Too long... to many words. And its more of a tag line than a mission statement. Try these on for size.

                    "Get Noticed"
                    "Look Your Best"
                    "Stand Out"
                    "I remember you"
                    "Where did you get that?"