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    twallssr Wayfarer
      Hello again!

      I was wondering are there people here that mentor? if so, I'm looking for mentoring with regards to starting my staffing service. I'm looking at what types of insurance and payroll companies to go with. I really need someone who has "been there and done that" to just help me realize things I may have missed in my business plan.

      My email is for anyone that may be available!

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          Vince Adventurer

          There was an article recently posted on the community on this specific topic. Here's the link. Take a look.

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            bpfinance Adventurer
            We are a management consulting firm and we do provide assistance, however we do charge for our services. Because we work with startups, our prices are usually more reasonable than other consulting firms, but we still don't provide these services for free except to certain NGOs. If you are looking for free assistance, you could try SCORE. Luckiest will likely post in this thread by tomorrow. SCORE provides free support services to businesses.

            If you know someone from the business world who is retired, they may be willing to answer the questions you have.

            If you need any assistance from us, feel free to contact me. I can answer some of your questions, but I can not answer questions that would require me to respond in depth or that require a significant amount of research without the consultant-client relationship. If you do have a question that you would like answered, and it is more in depth than I would be able to answer, feel free to ask anyway, and if it is relevant to other businesses, I will submit it to our CEO and he may consider writing an article on the topic.

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              LUCKIEST Guide

              Who r u?? How soon do you plan on starting this staffing service.

              I own and run a staffing company. How can I mentor you??
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                  twallssr Wayfarer

                  Hello, well, My name is Tyruse and I am an accountant for the Sheriff's office in my county in Michigan. I have set out to start a staffing service after much research and saw there is, in fact, a need for this service. I had previously worked for temp services and found they are a great bridge for permanent positions with a company. I really have a passion to help people find employment, this is something I do without actually owning this type of business. I help people with resume, describing their job responsibly and even how to present themselves to business when time for interviews.

                  With saying that, I need someone that has experience in the industry to help guide me through the set-up process. I have my S-Corp filed, Articles of incorporation with the state, Tax number. In my business plan I outline how I want to be the staffing service with integrity and contact with anyone of my staff at anytime. I want to start out with clerical/accounting/administrative work and maybe ITS. Later I want to specialize in supplying my company services to senior homes and nursing homes. I do not necessarily want to be a Nursing Staffing Agency, but I want to supply the office side of the work done at those types of businesses.

                  I think I need an outline of cost it takes to start, and also long term month to month expenses that I will incur that I may not know about such as types of insurances. I am working with an agent now, but I don't know if it's the best for a business for such as mine. My business plan section regarding finances is only what I hope to see and may not be exactly what's going to be.

                  I can go on but I better stop there!