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    Small business owners and SEO

    maximuskang Adventurer
      Hello everyone, this is my first question I'm posting to the community so I'm excited for the response. Basically, I left Expedia a few weeks ago heading up their SEO in order to start my own consulting company catered to small businesses. As I want to cater my business model to small business owners, I'd like to get some feedback on what kinds of questions you (the small business owner) may have for me before even considering getting SEO service.

      Thanks so much in advance for any and all input!
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          snccigars Adventurer
          There is a lot of people offering SEO service, many of whom I believe are not legit...what would set you apart from the crowd and what difference could you show, not just say, that would make me use you over a lower cost competitor. Also, why does my business even need SEO?
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              maximuskang Adventurer
              Great! Thanks so much for your input! I'm going to compile these questions and create a solid FAQ page.

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                Katierey1 Newbie
                I suppose I'd want to know how long it takes to show a good effect. I'd want to understand more about keywords and why they are important. I'd want to know how much work I have to do as opposed to you, the consultant. I'd want to know if SEO is ever finished or is an ongoing battle.

                And I'll second the question about how you are different from other SEO consultants. I'd like to see some results to show that you know your stuff!

                Good luck!
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                    maximuskang Adventurer
                    Hi Katie!

                    Thanks so much for replying and the encouragement!! Those questions are very helpful! I promise you that they will get addressed in the article I'm going to write.

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                        Katierey1 Newbie
                        Hi again,

                        I've had a bit more time to think and want to add to my previous post. I think your FAQ needs to focus on three areas:

                        1.What is SEO?
                        2. How can it help me?
                        3. Why you are better than the others in the crowd.

                        Ok, we've kinda covered that, but here are the points I want to add. A story first. My husband andf I went to a presentation on the general subject of "Mariachi 101." We live in Tucson and wanted to understand what makes mariachi different from other forms of music.

                        The speaker really, really knew his stuff. He played selections of music and identified which were mariachi and which were not. There was only one problem. At the end of the talk we still didn't know what made mariachi . . . mariachi! Was it a beat or the instruments? What? We couldn't ask because a band of wonderful young mariachi players came to entertain us (no Q & A). On the way home, my husband and I talked about how hard it is to explain a topic to a newbie. Exactly WHAT is it that someone new doesn't know? Somehow you forget what you didn't know. It's hard.

                        So I think your best bet is to explain to people what SEO is and why it matters. If you do that, the rest of the FAQ is inconsequential. (Well, except that you need to explain why people should choose you.)

                        So what I want to add is that your FAQ shouldn't cover every aspect of SEO. Just the three top questions. Focus on that and make it a killer article.

                        Signing off now. Best wishes.
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                    charmandhamer Newbie
                    As a small business owner, I concentrate on organic SEO. I am looking for someone to take a look at my website (as a consultant) and tell me what to tweak.

                    SEO is really the tip of the iceberg. If you could also consult on improving conversion rates that would be a nice duo of services.
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                        maximuskang Adventurer
                        Hey! That's actually my intent. I have years of experience in the affiliate marketing sector and I also own a few different e-commerce sites that I started back in college. So SEO is the bulk of what I offer, but my goal is to provide exactly what you had mentioned through my subscription based website.

                        Thanks for the great input!
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                            charmandhamer Newbie
                            VERY often I'll research a potential provider ... which involves intensely reviewing their "portfolio" ... sites. Rarely does one have e commerce sites in their portfolio. Most portfolio sites have no ecommerce sites or only one e commerce site. I can't stress enough that the portfolio section of your site is probably the most important. I like to see the "proof in the pudding" to speak. You can promise the sky in your text of your website... but really, I want to see what you've done.

                            Too often I click on a site that is in the portfolio of a potential vendor and it is a dud link... like the customer is no longer in business...that really surprises me when a web guru doesn't bother to update their own portfolio and keep it current....

                            I really haven't had much luck choosing consultants... and have been forced to diy much of the site... I recently hired a web consultant and though I have to say he really really tried... he just didn't have the e commerce background... paid him oodles of money to redesign the site, he spent countless hours and layout still isn't right... in fact we wound up reverting back to the old layout to regain some of the conversion ... but still isn't where it should be... and I've lost traction on SEO that took me years to build.

                            I'm beyond being frustrated, but at the same time, I blame myself for the choice I made in going with someone local that I could have a face to face with. He's since gone out of business... so the face to face thing didn't work either- argh. At this point, I'm going back to my old tactics...beefing up my ebay store... and hopefully attract some shoppers / visitors... hitting the road attending conferences... passing out flyers... the old fashioned way of getting business....

                            Google seems to have changed their ranking algorithmm too... some research study determined that google shoppers prefer to shop at Amazon....notice amazon coming up first in many searches now? I do. They've bumped me to the second place for a number of my products.. so SEO sometimes is like beating a dead horse.

                            Yahoo and bing have me bum-fungled. I have never been able to be in first place on those engines... can you offer SEO on all major engines...they seem to spit out different results. I was told by my previous web consultant that if I was coming in first place on one engine..not to mess with it trying to get on other engines. He was afraid of doing to something to mess up the google ranking...though now I'm just lost in the sea of engines. left spittering and sputtering so to speak.

                            What is your website and subscription rates?
                            Thank you,
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                                maximuskang Adventurer
                                I must say that reading through your last comment was very capturing. I feel like you definitely have what it takes to be an amazing blogger! I will definitely create a portfolio page.

                                I want to thank you again for the great feedback! I will share with you that one of my e-commerce sites is My baby that I was able to increase our organic visitors from less than 5% to over 65% in a little under a year. Since then, I have completely stopped paying for PPC ad placement and am much enjoying the increased sales.

                                I also just recently left Expedia doing their SEO because honestly, I just got kind of bored helping the huge corporate giants get wealthier. My passion is to help small business owners in the online sector with the experiences I've gained. This past year, the SEO channel brought in a little over $1 Billion.

                                My affiliate sites (I hope you can understand) are not shared with people simply because I have found certain niches where I rather enjoy being the only legitimate website.

                                The subscription model I think will work for many small business owners who don't mind being a little more hands on. It will give you the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of SEO, have access to some tools I'm developing right now, an extensive 12, 24, or 36-week long course (depending on your membership) on advanced link building techniques that you can do, and also support from myself along with my team of experts for any business-related question you might have.

                                I really want to prove myself, which is why I'm offering a 100% 30-day money back guarantee. If you don't get anything out of the first 30 days of being a member, just let me know and I'll be more than happy to wish you the best and refund every last penny.

                                Thanks again! I checked out your website and I must say that you sure have one really cool niche!
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                            wownikeshop Wayfarer
                            that is not too difficult. at first, you should have you own bolg,and add the link, release information through B to B and so om . perseverance , you will success
                            dear friend .come on
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                              SEO.SEM.Geek Adventurer

                              As a client not as an SEO I may ask:

                              What do you offer?
                              What's in it for me?
                              How can you measure the result?
                              How do you report it to me?
                              How much do I have to pay for?
                              How can you show me the money I sepend as SEO has a great/good outcome for me?
                              How long it takes?
                              What is your promises?
                              What do I expect after months or days?
                              What is a pro/con for me?

                              Short answer: What do you: offer - promise - measure - outcome - cost - time?

                              I hope it helps